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Ruwan Mawatha - Colombo 05

De Vogue (Pvt) Ltd
Address > 15, Ruwan Mawatha , Colombo 05 , Colombo District , Western Province
De Vogue is the garment manufacturing subsidirary of J.B. Investments, a group that maintains honesty and integrity at the nucleus of the groups values and beliefs. The group has its roots embedded in the apparel & textile industry for over 4 decades and renowned as a reliable and dependable partner by its customers internationally. Other than De Vogue, the group has a highly successful buying office, D&V International, that represent and supplies to a large number of international brands. T: +94 11 2585790/2, +94 11 5377740/2/3 F: +94 11 2585791, +94 112 5377741 E:

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